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Correos tackles digital transformation

Correos tackles digital transformation

Correos chooses Telefónica to lead its digital transformation. The company will provide voice and data services, connectivity and communication. The contract started on March 1 and will last a minimum of four years, with the possibility of extending two more.

The Correos Group was looking for a digitization plan to establish itself as the best parcel provider in the Spanish market, and has decided to trust Telefónica for this. A great contract that came into force on March 1.

It is a task of modernization and digital adaptation, something key for the expansion of Correos business. As planned, Telefónica will focus on connectivity, security and process efficiency. The plan will affect the entire national territory, and the company will support the transformation of existing connectivity and security infrastructures.

Solutions for parcel management and Internet sales

Telefónica wanted to point out that, with this agreement, it seeks create in a security service that protects what is most valuable to the Correos Group: people, infrastructure, assets and processes. The company will provide solutions for parcel management and Internet salestwo pillars in the expansion of the entity.

Pointing out the most important points of the process, essential changes will be carried out to achieve an automation of communications. This will serve to streamline all processes and reduce the costs of the public entity. In addition, Telefónica will install a fiber optic connectivity network in more than 60% of Correos offices, both national and international.

It should be noted that the telecommunications company seeks break down physical barriers and foster the evolution of digital work. This represents a strong commitment to mobility. Lastly, it also implies a renewal and improvement of the automated devices used by Correos employees when delivering and sending parcels.