Coronavirus makes Plague Inc. the most popular game in the Chinese Apple Store


An epidemic has been recorded in China recently. World health officials say the cause would be the Coronavirus, which has so far killed 25 people and left more than 600 infected worldwide. The chances of being a global endemic are high and among the bad news, a curious fact: the game Plague Inc. has become the most popular in the Chinese Apple Store and, according to the news agency Reuters, the increase in searches was due precisely to the disease that plagues the country.

Plague Inc. is distributed by the British company Ndemic Creations and is also available on Steam. The aim of the game is to create a virus to wipe out the world’s population and its content is completely informative. Check out the trailer:

The game is “strategic” and complex, since among the most varied options available is how the virus will be transmitted (whether by mosquitoes, air or animals, for example), the symptoms of the virus, at what time of the year it is spread ( winter or summer) and how resistant the bacteria are (can be cured with common, natural or antibiotic remedies). The game was also praised by the Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) of the United States because of its high didactic content.

Plague Inc. is played by approximately 700 million people worldwide, is available for Playstation 4, SQUARE (Steam), iOS, MAC OS, Android and Nintendo Switch.