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Clubhouse is now open to all

Clubhouse is now open to all

After a big boom in the first days, Clubhousethe company that started the audio chat trend, has finally opened its service to everyone. In fact, there is no longer a need to be invited from someone.

Plus Clubhouse is entered beta on Android a couple of months ago, although with the invitation requirement still in place, many could not actually join the platform. But now that the app is available for all on Android or iOSanyone can try this social, really discussing everything, with rooms to talk about all kinds of interests.

Things to love about Clubhouse:

✅ Wonderful people
✅ Fascinating conversations
✅ Backchannel
❌> ✅ Easy to join

After 16 never-boring months of building, we’re thrilled to share that Clubhouse is now out of beta, open to everyone, and ready to begin the next chapter! pic.twitter.com/vC1g2KfhyQ

– Clubhouse (@Clubhouse) July 21, 2021

According to the full release notes for the latest update, the app has a new icon and users can add a national flag to their bio to celebrate Olympic Games. The app is easily downloadable from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.