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ClipCard, an integrated search engine for all your cloud services


ClipCard, an integrated search engine for all your cloud services

The ClipCard application enables a comprehensive search across all user cloud services.

Today we store our personal information in very diverse spaces. From the computer to an external hard drive, through the mobile, the tablet and, of course, the different online services that we use. Here the options are complicated by the multiple platforms available, due to which most users use several, thus searching for a photo or a certain text document becomes a tedious process. ClipCard is an application designed so that you do not have to search one by one on each platform to find a file.

The goal of ClipCard is simply to save the user time and clicks (as well as a dose of desperation, by the way). This application basically consists of a search engine capable of diving into various online storage services and other types of platforms, thanks to the synchronization that the user has to carry out. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Office 365 or LinkedIn (contacts) are some of the spaces where you can search for files.

That photo that may be in Dropbox, in Google Drive or who knows in what hidden place, that open spreadsheet to measure expenses, that may be in Google Drive documents or perhaps in Office 365, that work contact whose name we are not very clear; ClipCard promises a solution for these headaches. Instead of having to go to each of the services and perform a search, the application search all at once, presenting the results most closely related to the user’s criteria.

The results appear in the form of cards and not only does the name of the file appear, highlighting the match, data related to the file is also displayed. The corresponding link to the content comes accompanied by other files related to that result, in order to facilitate the search. If the user wrote “vacations”, the photos stored in the folder with that name will be displayed, but in the same batch, for example, the hotel or flight reservation documents will be found.

ClipCard, which is currently navigating its beta phase, works by extracting metadata from files and finding matches. If the user searches for “image” and “holidays”, the system is clear that the objective is graphic files, which will avoid showing the rest of the documents that refer to “holidays”.

Cover image: nathanmac87