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Cinema and technology, a lasting relationship

Cinema and technology, a lasting relationship

Technology improves the viewer experience over the years. Cinema has evolved hand in hand with technological innovation and, today, there is such a symbiosis that there has even been a “cannibalization” between both terms.

Cinema and technology maintain a relationship since 1895, the year in which the Lumière brothers presented the first history film, still without sound at that time. The seventh art had such impact on society from the moment that technology passed into the background. Even so, today we consider cinema a new technology that triggered a historical stir, becoming a familiar and indispensable element in people’s lives. The cinematography It does not come from painting, sculpture, gastronomy or literature, but from the ability to create an extraordinary piece based on a sequence of images.

Throughout history, both cinema and technology have gone through various stages: silent, sound, color and blockbusters. All this thanks to evolution of technology and the opening of society to shows and new creations. Cinema will always have a primordial place in culture, since, since the beginning of time, humanity has been fascinated by telling and listening to stories, and the seventh art offers the greatest possibilities to those who know how to tell stories.

Introduction of technological advances in cinema

as i said Ingmar Bergmann“no art crosses our consciousness in the same way that cinema does, directly touching our emotions, delving into the chambers of our souls”.

Avatar, the highest grossing movie in history, is not a normal movie that follows the classic schemes and has gone unnoticed. It is a revolutionary film that reaches the 120 frames per second at a 4K resolution, managing to leave the viewer mute. It uses a special technology called MAGI that allows you to turn a normal classic movie into a blockbuster. It is capable of transporting you to that place that is so fantastic for your mind, and at the same time so real for your soul. Great film directors have the technology they need to produce different films, transgressive, innovative that awaken in the viewer that desire to want to go see a movie in a room. They have the power to choose whether to use it or not, but on the contrary they have a limited time, since Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime They come stomping stronger than ever.

Years ago, if someone wanted to see a movie, it was more complicated because they had two options: go to the movies or have television at home with a channel and be able to see it broadcast. To do either, you had to be upper class. Today we have a wide range of possibilities to enjoy the new work of our favorite director or our actress of reference.

It is true that technology and cinema walk together, but we cannot allow a “cannibalization” to take place. Cinema is an experience that must be used with technology as long as it manages to make a production something more special and unique. If, on the other hand, technology ends up being the single key factor of a film leaving the piece itself relegated to the background, the relationship between cinema and technology will be broken.

In this sense, platforms such as Movistar+ stand out not only for having the film premieres more blockbusters, if not because it combines its content with that of Netflix for its Movistar Fusión clients. In addition, with the Movistar+ Voice Remote you can ask Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant, to recommend movies through combined searches between genre and actorfor example, thus facilitating the user experience.

Many innovative concepts are emerging as a result of the good use of technology in cinema. The seats in a circle are being tested, so that the sound is duplicated in the room, generating a 360º experience (immersion in different scenes, feelings on the surface and recommendation of the film). Multiplexes are also being simulated so that a viewer has different experiences in different rooms. With the use of the virtual reality you will be able to feel the effects of the film, integrating the spectator making him the protagonist of the film.

The bucket of popcorn and the cinema will always be eternal. Now and also when experience of sitting in the seats of a room is more and more special with the technology support.