ChuChu Rocket! wins sequel to Apple Arcade


Anyone who lived in the time of the late Dreamcast should certainly remember ChuChu Rocket !, a title that captivated several players due to its frantic style. If you are part of the group of fans of this title, you will certainly like to know that he finally won a sequel to the Apple Arcade.

Titled ChuChu Rocket! Universe, the new game maintains the same mechanics of helping ChuChus to escape from opponents using arrows to guide them to the rocket, either in the single player campaign (which now has a new story) or in the multiplayer mode.

Take a look at what awaits you in this game below:

20 years later… it’s time to go ChuChu crazy all over again! ??????

With new 3D puzzles to explore and the frantic multiplayer you all know and love, ChuChu Rocket! Universe will be launching its way onto @AppleArcade soon! #AppleEvent ??

– SEGA (@SEGA) September 10, 2019

What’s New

Among the novelties reserved for ChuChu Rocket! Universe are the possibility to use teleports and switches to help escape, in addition to new areas that were inspired by some stages of the original game.

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