Chrome apps that you can use without an internet connection

We recommend almost twenty applications for Google Chrome that do not need an Internet connection to work.

If we look for anyone who works using a computer all day and we ask them what is the application they use the most, it is very possible that they say it is the browser. In addition, the chances are very high that it indicates that your favorite browser is Google Chrome. From there we check our email, manage our tasks, store data in the cloud, even edit photos, and of course, we share them on the web.

The problem is that to enter all these applications using the browser you will need an Internet connection and sometimes it is simply impossible to connect. For those moments, luckily they exist Chrome apps that work offline.

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  1. Google drive. You can download the Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides applications and they will all be available to create and modify documents when you need it, even if you don’t have the Internet. The changes will be saved in the cloud the next time you connect.
  2. Gmail and Google Calendar. There is an application called Gmail Offline that will download all your emails and will let you reply and create new ones even if you don’t have a connection. Everything will be sent when you connect. The same with this version of Google Calendar.
  3. Pocket. Just like the mobile app, the Pocket Chrome app will download copies of all your articles so you can read when you don’t have the internet.
  4. Writebox. For those who have to write and do not want to install Microsoft Word or Google Docs, they can use Writebox, an application that will let you write using Chrome without needing an Internet connection. What you write will be saved on your hard drive.
  5. Enjoy Music Player. You don’t have to install a music player, you just need Enjoy Music Player that will let you listen to all the music you have on your hard drive when you can’t stream.
  6. Polar Photo Editor. We all need to edit an image even once in a while. With Polar Photo Editor it is easy to do it as if you were a professional and they have created an application for Chrome that works offline.
  7. Wunderlist, Any.DO and Google Keep. If you do not know Wunderlist, it is a very good application to create to-do lists and it has an application for Chrome that works without an Internet connection. Any.Do is also another application of this type that you can use offline in Chrome, and the same is Google Keep, which also lets you take notes.
  8. Journey. For those who enjoy writing a personal journal every day, there is Journey, an application that started working solely on Android but is now available for Google Chrome.
  9. Cut The Rope. And when you don’t want to work anymore and take some time to rest, you can play Cut The Rope on Chrome even if you don’t have an internet connection.
  10. Funky kartsIt is another game that does not need an Internet connection, it is like a clone of Super Mario Bros in two dimensions, you go in a car instead of walking and the enemies are medieval robots.

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