China plans to crack down on violent games in the country

In October 2016, the Chinese government launched the “Healthy China 2030” program with the intention of reforming health in the country in the long term. Since then, several changes have been implemented within schools, in counseling groups, in organizations in the area of ​​mental health, and so on.

A new measure of the program, however, has attracted many looks – and even criticism – for the country, especially from the gamer community. Focused on mental health, the measure aims to repress games and even live broadcasts that contain excessive violence, pornographic content and incentives for g******g.

According to Technode magazine, the number of young people addicted to games and with mental disorders has grown. This fact worries the Chinese government, which believes in a direct relationship between these two factors, declaring that it is a public health issue capable of affecting the country’s future.

(Source: FreeStock / Reproduction)

Twelve government departments have come together to work on this initiative, in addition to the National Health Commission, the Advertising Department, and the National Radio and Television Administration. One of the objectives that the group must follow is to increase the inspection of online games that contain any of the content mentioned above.

China has been taking a stricter stance on this issue since 2019, according to the Games Industry website, it is no wonder that even the number of games that can enter the country per year has been limited.

The siege was further closed when the government published a note stating that it would also control the time, times and types of games that minors can access. What will the Chinese government do next? Leave your opinion in the comments!

China plans to crack down on violent games in the country via TecMundo