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CAT presents CAT S61, the new rugged phone

CAT presents CAT S61, the new rugged phone

The official announcements from the Mobile World Congress 2018 from Barcelona and a few minutes ago it was the turn of CAT S61the smartphone designed exclusively for the world of work.

CAT S61, the rugged phone that does not fear abuse

CATthe name by which Caterpillar is commercially known, is a company that mainly deals with construction of everything related to constructionbut it has ramifications in many other areas.

Precisely for this reason, the smartphone CAT S61 designed by them will be a rugged phonethus becoming a terminal built and designed for the workers who need a phone that can withstand abuse of various kinds.

In addition to the obvious coating that it exponentially increases its resistance and guarantees impermeability to water and dust (IP68 certified), the new CAT terminal was also equipped with unique instruments of its kind.
CAT S61in fact, it houses one inside thermal imaging camera capable of supporting temperatures up to 400 ° C, units that can be used in the workplace for a multitude of different procedures.
The list of atypical elements for a smartphone is also enriched with a sensor capable of detecting the presence of pollutants in the air it’s a laser meter with a range of 10 m.

Technical specifications

Display 5.2 ″ FHD
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 630
Memory 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage (expandable)
Camera Rear: 16MP

Front: 8 MP

Operating system Android Oreo 8.0
Drums 4500 mAh, Quickcharge 4.0

Availability and price

CAT S61 will be available on an unspecified date of Q2 2018 (the period runs from 1st April to 30th June) at the recommended price of € 899.