Capture your best moves and share them in Gazoom, the revolutionary gamer app

That the video game sector is constantly expanding is no longer a secret to anyone. In a very few years, the gaming world has become a worthy competitor of other leisure alternatives such as cinema, music or television, and brands are very aware of this. For this reason, it is increasingly common for us to see in large interactive proposals such as Fortnite or Rocket League the collaboration of recognized international brands. They find in the community of these video games a market niche where they can strengthen the relationship with their audiences. A synergy that benefits brands, but also generates valuable content for the gamers themselves.

In this context of multiple interactors, it is more important than ever to have the best tools to give visibility to our content, and for this reason today we bring you Gazoom, the gamer app you need to record your best games while playing your favorite video games.

Sit back and enjoy while Gazoom captures your best plays

Gazoom is a desktop platform (also available for iOS and Android) that allows you to record the most memorable gamer moments without interruptions. All thanks to an automated technology that “understands” by itself the moment in which an outstanding event is happening, avoiding you having to record an entire game, or having to do it manually. The platform allows you to take videos in high quality without reducing the fps rate to publish them immediately on your social networks such as Twitter or Twitch. You also have the possibility of synchronizing your clips in the cloud to access your moments from any device, such as your smartphone or tablet. With Gazoom you will be able to edit the clips quickly and easily, adding video and audio effects, color filters and even texts and gifs. There are no more excuses to create your own memes!

In addition to allowing you to capture all your master plays, Gazoom is also a social network for gamers. With this application you can also access your profile where your friends and other users can start following you and enjoy your best plays. It will allow you to become a star and a reference in the gamer community.

Go one step further with Gazoomia, Gazoom’s exclusive collection of NFTs

Recently, Gazoom has incorporated a series of novelties that make it much more attractive and interesting for gamer audiences. Surely you have already heard of NFTs, a revolutionary cryptoactive that takes the entertainment and art experience to another level, and which has become very popular in recent months due to the growing interest of large video game developers in introducing them into their most prominent titles. Gazoom did not want to be left behind, and in order to continue improving the gamer experience on its platform, it has created Gazoomia, an exclusive NFT collection of 10,000 turtledragons, which in addition to being unique pieces of art, you can use to get tokens and many other amazing advantages.

As you can see, Gazoom offers a lot of content to improve the experience of users and players on the networkfacilitating the processes for creating content and offering value propositions such as its exclusive collection of turtledragons NFTs, of which you can also own their creative and commercial rights if you get hold of one of them.

You already know what they say about “sharing is living”, so… What are you waiting for to become a professional content creator with Gazoom? The gaming community is waiting for you!