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Can cyberbullying be combated through technology?

Can cyberbullying be combated through technology?

Many children and adolescents are affected by cyberbullying. A measure that is sometimes difficult to detect, because these actions are carried out on social networks. New technologies offer various tools to put an end to these behaviors.

The cyberbullying is a concept that is used when a person suffers persecution by another or others through Internet or any electronic device such as mobile phones. These actions, often carried out against minors, are difficult to detect because they occur through a screen, but technology also offers tools to combat them. Next, we list some of them.


This application was created by the young entrepreneur Trisha Prabhu.

This tool uses the mobile keyboard and detects offensive messages. In case of detecting such a message, the application recommends not using that type of language and invites reflection on these behaviors.

Friendly Screens

ScreensAmigas is a platform created in 2004 with the mission of promoting the safe use of social media and others technologies.

The objective is to develop educational projects for the training of minors and manage to face any situation in which net.

Over the years ScreensAmigas He has collaborated with various companies and institutions. As is the case with Telephone who created various campaigns with the help of said platform.

Telefónica against cyberbullying

As we have mentioned before, Telephone has participated in various campaigns to combat cyberbullying.

This year the Telefonica Foundation Has offered virtual courses Free information about bullying and cyberbullying. These courses explain what are the tools from prevention and action in these types of situations.

Another campaign that has been carried out against this type of action is the campaign I chose to take care of you created by Movistar Argentina. This Bell served as awareness to young as adults where the difficult situation that a minor who is a victim of this type of persecution has to face could be appreciated.


SafeToNet is an application that serves to educate children in real time. This application warns children and adolescents if it detects any risk in a social network.

It also has the ability to analyze the behavior of the users on the network and advises the user on real time about what to do when faced with a threat Internet.


This application free is designed to control and protect the use used by minors in their mobile devices.

It has an online portal where parents can see how their children use the devices and websites. They can also set time limits for the online activity minor and has a filter that prevents access to inappropriate content.

United against cyberbullying

The technology It gives us tools to combat cyberbullying. But not only do you need technology to stop these acts.

From SamaGame We recommend that young people do not publish personal data the social media.

In case of receiving spam messages you don’t have to respond to the harasser, and you have to keep the evidence to get it to a adult or authority that they can take charge of the situation.

Any threat that you receive in any platform you should block and report at the service of application to take action in this regard.

For the fathers who read us, we recommend that talk with their children on the network security and employ services that provide the Parental control in order not to run the risk of accessing social media not suitable.

With responsible use of electronics devices and of the social mediawe can put an end to cyberbullying.