Call of Duty Xbox Exclusive? Phil Spencer intervenes

Lately Microsoft acquired Activision for $ 70 billionnegotiation of course still in progress and as it happened with Bethesda it will end in several months, however, while waiting there are those who have asked themselves questions as if call of duty will become Xbox exclusive or why Microsoft acquired Activision after the scandal on sexual harassment. Let’s proceed step by step and analyze the situation together, through the official statements of Phil Spencer.

Will Call of Duty be Xbox exclusive? Phil Spencer clarifies

The first doubt that has rightly settled in the minds of players is whether call of Duty after the recent acquisition, being of Microsoft propertywill become exclusive Xbox and PC or if it will keep coming out on PlayStation. With a post on Twitter, Phil Spencer he has declared:

During the week I had positive calls with the leaders of Sonyconfirming the intention of honor all agreements already made in the past, even afteracquisition of Activision. Our wish is to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Sony it is an important part of our industry and we value the relationship with it a lot.

So apparently Microsoft it has no intention of depriving users PlayStation from call of Dutyof course that doesn’t mean that up PS4 and PS5 with the next call of Duty they will keep coming out exclusive or time-exclusive content, but simply that for now the franchise is in no danger of becoming exclusive.

Why Microsoft acquired Activision even after the *** scandals

Last year Activision has been in the eye of the media storm, following the allegations about sexual harassment by the CEO of the company to its employees, as well as various mistreatments in the workplace, so it is legitimate to wonder why the company has decided to equally buy Activision. Naturally, he thought about answering the question Phil Spencer up Twitter as follows:

We went through everything very carefully, evaluating each employee’s incidents and surveys, discussed their plans and the progress they were already making for future plans. We had to look to that future plan and make sure we can act with confidence. I will be honest, even if I work in Microsoft from 33 yearsI’m not an expert with trade unions, but our goal is to enable them to do their jobs better, which in the creative industry is the most important thing.

So Microsoft he monitored the situation before making a decision, also why 70 billion dollars I am still 70 billion dollarshigh figure considering that for Bethesda less than was spent 10 billion dollars, though Activision holds numerous franchises and development studios among which Blizzard.

As mentioned, the negotiation is underway and it will take several months to conclude the deal, consequently we will not see ashort i games Activision in the Game Passwhich could happen in the near future, as it has been with several house titles Bethesda.