Call of Duty Vanguard: Review, Gameplay Trailer and Screenshot

One of the longest-running videogame series is undoubtedly that of Call of Dutywhich has accompanied players for many years now, with titles from the series Modern Warfare or Black Ops. This year Activision has decided to inaugurate a new saga, and today therefore we want to share with you the Call of Duty Vanguard reviewwhich represents a return to origins for the franchise, passing from the present or future to the past, for lovers of World War II shooter. It is known that many are buying call of Duty mainly for the competitive multiplayer, however there is a slice of users who also give importance to main campaignwhich usually has a rather limited duration, in order not to steal too much time from the player.

Call of Duty Vanguard Review

The story of Call of Duty Vanguard he will initially take on the role of an unknown soldier, one of the elite members, hired to foil the plans of the German army, after the introductory mission the attention will shift to the remaining members, who are real protagonists of the campaign, including which Arthur Kingsley. Luckily Activision for now it does not seem willing to give up Italian gamers, proposing a dubbing in our local language of all respect, accompanied of course by the support of Italian subtitles. The campaign is divided into 9 chapters, which will take you to locations such as Normandy, Libya, Egypt, Stalingrad, Hamburg and the islands Midway and Boungainbille. The story will put you in the shoes of different characters, each with their own skills and equipment, in order to diversify the experience.

Call of Duty Vanguard almost wants to take the player by the hand and accompany him towards the end credits, avoiding unnecessary distractions and reducing the freedom to explore the scenario in search of attractive collectibles, proposing a traditional film campaign with the typical atmosphere of Second World War. While on the one hand there is a rather mediocre artificial intelligence of the enemies, on the other there is to be commended the presence of a rather satisfactory environmental destructibility, with the possibility of placing weapons on specific surfaces or exploiting the doors to spy inside. a room before breaking in. The modality could certainly not be missing from the appeal Zombiewhich allows you to try your hand at co-operative missions in order to survive the undead in various environments that are subject to change over time.

In the mode in question you can take on the role of one of the twelve Operators available, including Kingsley, Petrova, Riggs and Jackson, the protagonists of the main campaign. The aim in addition to surviving is to complete a series of missions, such as eliminating a certain number of waves, unlocking perks, creating items, upgrading weapons and receiving support by investing the credits obtained. It will be up to you to decide when to go home or whether to continue for better rewards. The mode in question includes not only traditional zombies but also special infected, armored and fully armed. If the campaign and the zombie surround the whole experience, the same cannot be said for the competitive multiplayerwhich is known to be the main focus of the experience offered by the franchise. Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer has nothing to envy to the previous chapters, with quick matches to play presets Tactical, Assault and Blitz or playlist which include methods such as Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, Free-for-All and Location.

Obviously, the Team Death Match with variants Dominion and Patrol. 20 maps available with the crossplay support, which allows you to play with friends even if they come from different platforms. The progression system allows you to unlock operators, weapons, accessories and customizationsof which many by purchasing the Battle Pass with i call of duty point. Through the gunsmith you can modify accuracy, speed, power and other characteristics of the weapon. Unfortunately however most of the content you have gotten into Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare it cannot be used in Vanguardwhich fortunately does not happen in Warzonethe battle royale free to play once again embodied in the experience, allowing you to access from the main menu not just the vanguard campaign but also to the modalities zombies and multiplayer of the others call of Duty.

On the graphic front, the title is powered by the same engine used in the past, which allows you to have a good graphic rendering that does not compromise with fluidity and stability on Xbox Series X and PS5, with fast loading, all made possible by the power of next-generation hardware. In a few seconds you will find yourself in the campaign or in the multiplayer, then leaving the connection to manage the competitive games. Call of Duty Vanguard is a shooter that years later returns to the so-called first love, the second World Warwhich has allowed the franchise in the past to have the hoped-for success that has allowed it to become over time one of the Most played FPS. Forget what you have learned and seen in Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare, Vanguard winks at an era in which technological progress was far removed from how we know it today, a dark age for the world, with scenarios tested by long, bloody and grueling battles.

Call of Duty Vanguard Gameplay Trailer