Call of Duty: Modern Warfare removes Realism Mode from the game

CoD: Modern Warfare fans were not at all satisfied with the game’s latest update, the patch 1.06, launched on November 2. For reasons still obscure, the Infinity Ward decided to remove multiplayer from Realism mode of the game, one of the great news brought exclusively to the title, to add it to the game list of the mode NVG, much more hardcore than the first.

Now, with the mode being part of the gameplay list of Night Vision Googles, access to “Realism” is only through gameplays on night maps, which do not have the same positive response from the community and being another reason to displease fans.

(Source: Activision / Disclosure)

Realism had been very pleasing to CoD players, offering a differentiated and, at the same time, challenging experience, without appearing appealing as in NVG hardcore. With no appearance of HUD on the screen, standard health for all and headshot eliminating with just one shot, he soon fell in favor of the players, until he was definitively removed from the game.

Complaints filled the Modern Warfare subreddit and the Call of Duty forums, criticizing Infinity Ward’s decision, with the game forcing the community to play Realista only on night vision maps. It is not yet known whether the developer’s decision will be final.

See below some of the updates brought in patch 1.06

  • More fixes to avoid crashes and improve stability on all platforms;
  • The Battlechatter has been removed from tactical and life modes;
  • Land-based APCs and tanks no longer award points to nuclear weapons.
  • Other specific corrections.

CoD: Modern Warfare is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.