Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone: What’s new for Season 5

There Call of Duty Black Ops Season 5 Cold War and Warzone is approaching, today we want to share with you some interesting news that will be implemented in the game, both for Cold War that Warzone.

We start with the new mode Infiltrated based on Among USin which you will have to investigate to find and eliminate the traitors with a subjective view.

The news of Season 5 of Cold War and Warzone

There Season 5 will add the following maps to the game:

  • Echelon (6 vs 6)
  • Slums (6 vs 6)
  • Showroom (2 against 2 and 3 against 3)
  • Drive-In (6 vs 6, over the course of the season)
  • Zoo (6 vs 6, throughout the season)

The modality too Zombie will receive important news, including:

  • There Collateral region
  • Tank
  • Ability to use the Grapple , the Perception of death and the Tesla Storm
  • New goal Transport

To follow the Trailer:

To follow instead we bring you all the news for Cold War:

  • New operators: Kitsune (cybersecurity expert from Japan) Stryker (US Special Forces) e Hudson (Adler’s colleague)
  • New weapons: EM2 Assault Rifle, the SMG TEC-9 and Cane with the addition of the Marshal throughout the season
  • 2 new perks: Combat Scount (highlights enemies under fire in orange) e Tempered (reinforces the player’s plates)
  • New points of interest: Mobile Boradcast Stations and another not disclosed
  • New Gulag experience in the map Rush from Call of Duty Black Ops 2
  • Clash mode: Two teams of 50 players do battle with points limit set to 200, infinite respawn and custom Loadout

There Season 5 will be available from August 12th.