Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Apocalypse Z gets trailer

We know that the Call of Duty franchise is about to receive some exciting titles, such as a new start for the Modern Warfare series and a supposedly developing Black Ops 4 sequel. Despite this, the fourth Black Ops title, released in 2018, will still have content to offer through its new season entitled Operation Apocalypse Z which has received a new trailer.

As the name suggests, the novelties are all focused on this zombie apocalypse theme and we will even see modes beyond Zombies receiving horrifying updates, as is the case with the Blackout map which will now be more frightening. Additionally, we will have new multiplayer maps, like the already released Alpha Omega that has a nuclear theme, modes and weapons to continue, ironically, to bring the shooting game to life. Finally, the expansion will also include the addition of the Black Ops 3 Reaper Specialist, something that should please many fans.

Operation Apocalypse Z starts today on PlayStation 4 and comes later on PC and Xbox One, where Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is also available.