Buy PS5 and XSX in stores? Maybe not until 2023!

The PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, next-generation consoles from the biggest manufacturers on the planet, were launched in the final stretch of last year and soon faced a scenario of enormous stock shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As if the small number of chips available for the manufacture of PS5 and XSX was not enough, those interested in these types of products still had to fight against scalpers who did everything possible to obtain the few units available and resell them at astronomical prices. .

With the pandemic still affecting the entire planet but with vaccination giving some hope of moving towards the end of this crisis on a global scale, the main figures in the sector seem convinced that only in 2023 a certain normality in stocks will begin to reestablish. of technological material.

Component crisis will keep PS5 and XSX out of stores for at least 2 years

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said recently that this scourge that is hitting the industry is likely to continue until at least 2023, which means more is needed. 1-2 years until manufacturers are able to meet the demand for this type of product.

Gelsinger believes that the end of 2022 should already be synonymous with some standardization of procedures, but also does not hide that it will take a few more months for the stock produced to meet the needs of consumers.

Gamers who are eagerly awaiting a PS5 or XSX unit will certainly look forward to more exciting news, but for years to come they will have to continue to use their creativity and patience to get their hands on a next-gen console.

This situation holds true for computer components as well, and easier access to graphics cards, processors, and other components is not expected before 2023.

via: Intel

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