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Brazil leads Telefónica’s digital transformation with Aura

Brazil leads Telefónica’s digital transformation with Aura

Vivo, Telefónica’s commercial brand in Brazil, launches a mass communication campaign to publicize Aura’s capabilities in the country, highlighting the multi channel nature of the service. Over the next few weeks, Brazilians will see an original presentation of Aura’s value proposition on television, magazines, airports and digital media.

Real time, relevant use cases in a personalized way, omnichannel and simplicity in its use. This is what Aura offers us. What better way to communicate it than through this simple idea? An Aura for each user, personal and present at any time and place.

Aura launched in six countries at MWC 2018 to create a relationship with our clients based on trust and simplify their digital life with the company. At this time, it was defined that this growth had only just begun, and so it has been. Brazil is a clear example of this, with more than 20 million user interactions since its launch.

In addition, it is already available on more than 20 channels: Meu Vivo Movelthe application most used by customers in the country of Rio de Janeiro, applications such as Meu Vivo Fixo, Meu Vivo Empresas, Facebook Messenger, WhatAspp, Google Assistant or commercial websites.

Aura offers relevant use cases for Vivo users in Brazil, such as, for example, making personalized queries in relation to their contracted plans, data consumption, recharging balance or providing their useful information related to Vivo, among others. All this in real time, spoken or written form and using natural language.

Brazil is a pioneer in the integration of Aura in the customer service center which has begun to serve more than 20% of prepaid customers. The results have been surprising: Aura has achieved a 70% positive resolutions and a 90% customer satisfaction.

Telefónica Brazil has also been the first to develop a Bot Training Center so that Aura can recognize people with different accents, from different regions, varied levels of education etc., and so that provide a higher quality service. Thanks to this initiative, in just one month the accuracy level of Aura has risen 9% to 84%.

In this way, a milestone is reflected that represents the new customer relationship model with the world of Telefónica. An Artificial Intelligence at the service of users.

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