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Book Day: the best technology books

Book Day: the best technology books

On the occasion of Book Day, which has been celebrated every April 23 since 1995 in honor of Cervantes and Shakespeare, we offer you a recommendation of books on technology.

Every April 23 we celebrate the Day of the book, a perfect time to discover new authors, titles and attract readers. The origin of the celebration is due to the UNESCO, when at the 1995 General Conference held in Paris decided to pay tribute to the day that two great authors died: Cervantes and Shakespeare.

In this way, technology is used to encourage readingand as an example, the rise of electronic books that have facilitated the reading of any work from a portable device with the capacity to store a multitude of titles.

From SamaGame.com we want to make a collection of the best technology and science books for you to enjoy this day.

Recommendations for Book Day

Technically Wrong by Sara Wachter Boettcher

Is the Internet infallible? Do you have any errors? The author of this book, winner of a Pullitzer Prize, makes a deep reflection in this work on the failures and errors of technology so that we are aware of the toxicity it hides.

Short Answers to Big Questions by Stephen Hawking.

A few months after the death of the great Stephen Hawking, his latest book was published, in which he reflects on the great questions that always revolved around his life. It is a compilation of ten essays on the future of our planet and of human beings.

Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark

MIT professor Max Tegmark discusses how artificial intelligence will affect humans in their daily lives. On this occasion, he tells the story of an AI created by a team of scientists, capable of surpassing the intelligence of the human being.

Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs

Without a doubt, one of the classics in terms of technological literature, but no less important for that. This book narrates the life and work of the founder of Apple, as well as his figure as an entrepreneur and his charismatic vision.

Revolution in Silicon Valley by Andy Hertzfeld

In this context of Apple, this is one of the most enjoyable books to learn about the history and especially the origin of the first Mac thanks to the testimonies of Andy Hertzfeld, Steve Jobs’ partner.

How we created the Internet by Andreu Veà

The author gives us a global overview of the origin of the Internet, and how it was consolidated in Spain based on in depth interviews with relevant figures in the sector.

George Dyson’s Turing Cathedral

Just as we can learn about the history of the Internet with the previous book, through the words of George Dyson you will delve into the origins of computers, how the first codes and languages ​​were created, as well as everything that is to come .