Bolsonaro calls FalleN and reveals tax cuts to games in 2019

The professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and captain of MIBR, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo, revealed through his Twitter account on Monday (29) on a link received from the president, Jair Bolsonaro, to address tax breaks for electronic games in Brazil.

“Believe me if you want today, Jair Bolsonaro called me to show that he is advancing with regard to taxes in the gamer area in general,” explained FalleN. The video in which he talks to the president is available below.

Believe me if you want today, @jairbolsonaro called me to show that it is advancing with regard to taxes in the gamer area in general.
Have you ever thought we can get the president’s help to bring the major to Brazil? ??

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– Gabriel Toledo (@FalleNCS) July 30, 2019

Following tweets, the player explained a little more about the conversation. “The president started to study the possibility of lowering taxes in the gamer area. It will not be a drastic reduction right away. He will already signal a reduction later this year, with the intention of reducing it even further in the future. . The president’s official account responded to the publication with a positive sign and the Brazilian flag.

The intention to reduce taxes for electronic games is an intention revealed by the Bolsonaro government in June. Also in July, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes was also working on a trade opening that could eliminate the tax on imported games in the country.

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