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Black Friday: AllCall products on sale on Tomtop

Black Friday: AllCall products on sale on Tomtop

Thanks to the collaboration between AllCall and Tomtop, today you can take home a new smartphone at a reduced price of up to 50%. Here are the products on sale.

AllCall W1

This smartwatch is in effect a miniature smartphone, thanks to the support for the 3G network which makes it independent. With a quad core processor, 2 + 16 GB of memory and an AMOLED screen, AllCall W1 could become yours for just $ 89.99.

AllCall Rio

This curved screen smartphone promises remarkable resistance to damage, as you can see in this video. This is due to the 1.8 mm layer of tempered glass screen protector and the double thickness of the screen. AllCall Rio is available for purchase for $ 39.99, 20 units available.

AllCall Rio S

This smartphone is an upgrade of the previous Rio, as you can guess from the name. The differences mainly concern the hardware: Rio S is equipped with an MT6737, has 2 GB of RAM and is equipped with a larger battery. The selling price is $ 59.99, only 20 pieces available.

AllCall Alpha

AllCall Alpha is a device that focuses on its small size, as well as its low price. This smartphone equipped with MT6580A, 1 GB of RAM and Android 7, is available for purchase for $ 29.99, limited offer to 10 pieces.

Since the event is hosted by Tomtop, your choice is not limited to just one manufacturer. In fact, during the day they will be made available different smartphones according to the time. To see the list and the reference time you can consult the offer page.

We close by informing you of the official giveaway by AllCall Madrid, held on the manufacturer’s official Facebook page