Best Buy Earnings Apple Business Chat Support for Customer Services

Best Buy has become the latest major retailer to support Apple Business Chat, which allows customers to ask stores questions similar to standard iMessage conversations.

Apple Business Chat is Apple is a service that allows companies to manage customer communications through iMessages applications. On Monday, electronics retailer Best Buy became the latest company to join the list of companies that can talk to customers via Apple’s chat platform.

First informed by, customers can initiate Apple Business Chat for Best Buy through Apple Maps, by searching for the nearest point of sale and tapping on the “Message” icon. The iPhone or iPad will open iMessage and initiate a conversation between the customer and a Best Buy representative.

While it can be used for general inquiries, Apple Business Chat can also be used for customers to make payments for goods and services within the conversation, using Apple Pay.

Introduced in iOS 11.3 in 2018, Apple Business Chat quickly expanded from the United States to other markets, including the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada. Since its launch, it has been embraced by many customer-facing outlets and services, ranging from customer services for Sprint and TD Ameritrade to buying beverages at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena seats.