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Benefits of digital storytelling in current education

Benefits of digital storytelling in current education

Surely at some time you have been surprised by a story that they told you; This art of persuading and capturing attention through narration is called storytelling. Today, making use of ICT, the educational sector also uses this resource and is known as digital storytelling.

What exactly does the term refer to? The essence of storytelling is maintained, as it seeks to attract the attention of the public. But digital storytelling it differentiates itself because it uses social networks and ICTs to tell stories.

In this new form of digital storytelling, it is common to use photos, videos and short texts. Also, make use of applications and various web tools to tell stories that are not necessarily linear. In today’s education it has a fundamental role, as it enhances technological skills in students.

For this reason, today we tell you about its importance, how to apply this strategy and its benefits in the classroom.

why use the digital storytelling in the classroom?

Digital storytelling manages to arouse emotions in students, making them learn comfortably, with less effort. In addition, it increases their creativity and trains their digital skills. It is one of the most attractive educational innovation tools today.

There are concepts or content that are not easily assimilated, hence the importance of having different tools that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge. For example, through digital narratives you can raise reflections on complex political issues such as immigration.

What finally gives the digital storytelling It is the possibility of narrating stories to transmit a reality that is linked to a previous content established in a curricular program.

In other words, we avoid dense and confusing content and clarify terms with simple and fun stories. Since we know that you are passionate about technology, we want to show you how to apply digital storytelling in the classroom and the benefits it brings.

How to apply digital storytelling in the classroom?

It is possible to create several types of stories to teach a topic or concept:

Here we will tell you in a few steps how to create the digital narrative you want:

Do you want to know the benefits of incorporating digital narratives in education? We present the most important ones.

Benefits of digital storytelling

The new ways of teaching bring with them multiple benefits. Away from conventional forms, they seek to create closeness and identification in the students.

That is, you will make others know that this story has to do with them, that it is moving. In short: narratives that manage to arouse empathy towards other people. These are the main benefits:

As you can see, innovation has taken over the classrooms. The use of digital storytelling in education achieves active learning. The resources for teachers and students will allow them to put all their creativity into practice. We can learn anything in a fun way through exciting, close stories that have to do with what happens to us every day. Finally, that is what hooks us to certain stories: that we identify with what is narrated. And they help us learn something new every day. Now that you know all the digital storytellingwe invite you to put it into practice to teach and learn in a more enjoyable and fun way.