ASUS takes advantage of Apple’s Smart Battery Case to advertise the Zenfone Max

A few days ago Apple announced the new Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 And iPhone 6sthat is a cover with extra battery of dubious taste that immediately met with great success on the web, with a series of hilarious images also by many companies in the sector. ASUS instead he wanted to take advantage of this new accessory to advertise his own Zenfone Max.

With the Smart Battery Case the Cupertino giant wanted to indirectly confirm the low autonomy of its devices and did so with a cover that does not seem to reflect the style of the company.

Nevertheless ASUS wanted to clarify that his own Zenfone Max manages to do what smartphones do not do Apple without needing an additional external battery. Thanks to a unit integrated by ben 5000 mAh the device of the Taiwanese giant achieves better results than its rival with the Smart Battery Case.

What can I say, an excellent advertising move by ASUS.