Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok: Review, Gameplay Trailer and Screenshot

After telling you about Assassin’s Creed Valhallatoday we want to share with you the Ragnarok Dawn Reviewthe full-bodied expansion for the base game, which is added to those launched over time, resulting much more generous in longevity and content, almost taking on the appearance of a standalone game rather than a DLC from Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Review

Dawn of Ragnarok as the name tells about episodes related tonorrea apocalypse, in a kingdom populated by divinity And master blacksmiths, as well as creatures of all sorts. L’expansion partially distances itself from the mechanics seen in the base game by removing the stealth missions to impress the experience more on role, through frantic fights against multiple enemies and bosses, numerous skills to unlock, powers to master and everything you need to keep you entertained for over 20 hours, a longevity that is nothing short of generous, bearing in mind that the missions related to the main story are combined with an industrial amount of side activities, collectables, unlockables, forcers to open and much more. Unlike the base game, where some regions of the map can be explored optionally, in theDawn of Ragnarok you will almost be accompanied by the hand to the end credits, then naturally leaving you the decision whether to return to the places already seen to deepen them or dedicate yourself to the plot built for the occasion, which obviously enriches the themes already partially covered in the base game .

We definitely appreciated the choice to offer players greater freedom of action and movement, both during the exploratory phases and in the performance of the missions, with the possibility of relying on the supernatural powers of the protagonist to take on the appearance of a crow and flutter in the skies, for example. , or a demon of fire or ice, both for solving environmental puzzles and for defeating enemies encountered or reaching elevated areas. From the early stages of the adventure you will notice the excellent work done by Ubisoft in offering an expansion worthy of the name it bears, not a simple jumble of inevitable repetitive missions but a generous amount of activities as if to entertain the player as long as possible, and offer that little bit more than Valhalla had not, making the game a real one GDR, pressing the accelerator pedal on stats, equipment and skills, as if it were the main element. Spend time accumulating experience, unlocking various upgrades and upgrades for both the magic bracelet and weapons and equipment, as well as combing every corner of the map in search of its secrets.

Unlike what has been seen in other titles and expansions, the team has taken care to offer environmental puzzles that are not so difficult, repetitive and monotonous to solve, occupying the right space in an experience where exploration and combat have the predominance over. dialogue-rich cutscenes or missions. The beating heart of the expansion lies precisely in the action itself, given above all by the removal of the stealth in a forced way, leaving the player the decision of how and when to act, without being faced with the failure of a mission following detection, if you come from the base game you know what we are referring to. If you liked the role-playing component in Valhalla, you absolutely cannot miss theDawn of Ragnarokwhich after probing the ground and interest of the players with some mechanics, decides to enrich them by expanding the repertoire of skills available, giving the protagonist unprecedented powers, such as the transformations mentioned, being that the game world extends more vertically.

In terms of the challengeexpansion guarantees hours and hours of fun, given above all by the presence of unprecedented powers and abilities for the protagonist, which are mostly used to solve environmental puzzles or move from one place to another. to reach initially or normally inaccessible areas, not to mention the good diversification of scenarios, from snow-covered landscapes to forest. Dawn of Ragnarok it is generously long-lived, full of activities and collectibles, unlockables and mechanics that will add that extra touch, all developed with a graphic sector that takes greater care of the details, guaranteeing a stable framerate and a characterization of the characters whose dubbing manages to give them the right charisma.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Gameplay Trailer