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Apps to play and learn about the environment

Apps to play and learn about the environment

The smallest of the house are usually very concerned about issues that have to do with the deterioration of the planet, the conservation of the environment and the pollution impact in our lives. The real awareness of caring for nature and how we are going to give it to our descendants was not something in which the elders were educated, but somehow it is a current topic of conversation and concern for many families.

Technology and applications can help us consolidate a environmental awareness for everyone and that is why we have prepared a list of mobile applications and resources for children with which to learn and play on issues related to the environment. To do this, we recommend some applications to learn to be eco friendly:

Tiny Trees

This is a transmedia project that unites the best of the physical and digital worlds. The story of Nora and her father Cosmo will take the children to seek the care of a small seed that will become a magical tree and thereby become involved in its conservation. It’s available to download from Apple for just €1.99 and comes with a beautifully illustrated paperback aimed at early readers.

touch nature

This app offers us a world in three dimensions in which interact with nature on which we can freely create and manipulate. Plant trees of different species and populate valleys or forests with different types of animals that will feed and grow in their own ecosystem. It is a magnificent application to understand biodiversity from the game and how in nature each one has its importance. It is recommended for ages 6 8, and is available for Apple for €3.99 and Android for €4.49.

Grow Recycling

It is an application to raise awareness and learn about recycling. These containers are waiting for you let’s put in each of them the correct garbage to later take it to the treatment or recycling plant and compose music with its lively work machines. A fun app from the age of 4 to learn in a simple way the process that waste goes through. It is available from Apple for €3.99 and Android for free but with some purchases inside.


What is the name of that bird that we are hearing chirping? With the Birdnet app and its artificial intelligence system and the use of neural networks we can easily identify the sound of more than 3,000 speciess different from birds. A field trip or a walk in the park can be a good time to learn as a family what birds we have in our environment. This app has been created by the K. Lisa Yang Center for Bioacoustics for Conservation at Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and Chemnitz University of Technology and is free for Apple and Android.

recycle craft ideas

The application offers us a world of creativity and fun crafts using some of the products that normally end up in our recycling bin. Egg cartons, bottles or ice cream sticks will have a second life thanks to the original ideas that we will find in this application. It is published only for Android and is free, although it has advertising.

little farmers

This application connects children with the primary sector in a fun and educational way. Where does the milk we drink come from? And the crackers and steaks? In this application they will be able to learn how the tasks of a farm are developed, the importance of agriculture and livestock and recognize the importance that the rural world has in our society. The app is published for Apple for €3.99 and for Android for €2.99.

Earth Hero: Climate Change

This is a non profit project for the whole family that will help us to know how our small habits impact in the health of the planet. We will be able to monitor our movements, the level of our recycling or the origin of the food we eat and the application will advise us on our behavior and reward us if we meet the challenges. All this by comparing our habits with those of other users who live in our same area. It is a free app available for Android and Apple and can be a great device to use as a family and measure our commitment to the planet.

Marco Polo Weather

This is an app where recreate weather phenomena on our own tablet and thus learn the impact that heavy snowfalls or prolonged heat waves have on ecosystems. We can play with a series of characters to protect from all kinds of extreme phenomena. This app is only available for Apple and its access is free.