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Apple Watch Series 6 teardown reveals bigger battery, Taptic engine


Apple Watch Series 6 teardown reveals bigger battery, Taptic engine

Repair company iFixit has completed the teardown of the Apple Watch Series 6, revealing a refined design, a more robust battery and a larger Taptic motor.

The Apple Watch Series 6 released on Sept. 15 with a few key additions, including a blood oxygen sensor and new color options. However, when it comes to outward appearance, the device looks pretty much the same as the old one. Apple Watch Series 5.

On Monday, iFixit released its teardown of a 44mm GPS + LTE Apple Watch Series 6 variant. One of the first things the site noticed is that the new wearable opens to the side, rather than from the top. Opening the device is also a bit easier due to the removal of Apple’s Board Force Touch. The pressure detection feature has been removed in watchOS 7.

Credit: iFixit

The 44mm Apple Watch battery has seen a jump to a 1.17 Wh capacity, which represents a slight 3.5% increase over the Apple Watch Series 5. Apple also increased the battery size in the smaller 40mm variant to 1,024 Wh , an 8.5% increase.

“Slowly but surely, Apple Watches seem to be regaining capacity after the big drop from Series 3 to Series 4,” wrote the repair site.

The new brighter display on the Apple Watch Series 6 features slight design differences and simpler wiring. Apple also increased the size of the taptic engine in the new Apple Watch model. The company didn’t mention that addition, nor the larger battery, in its September. 15 fundamental.

Credit: iFixit

As for the brains of the new Apple Watch, iFixit notes that there are some more conventional ICs installed in the package, as well as a Skyworks chip marked 239.7. Neither chip appears to match the Apple U1 exactly, despite their inclusion in the model.

The slightly slimmer profile of the Apple Watch Series 6 is likely attributable to the modified casing and the removal of the Force Touch gasket. The frame also has a modified footprint with a narrower edge.

All in all, iFixit praised the removal of the “fussy” Force Touch gasket and consolidating the display’s fragile cables in two. He also called the fact that Apple managed to fit a higher capacity battery and a Taptic engine into a slimmer frame “impressive.”

“They keep polishing this to an ever higher sheen and it’s almost misleading how much of that they don’t tell you about, keeping all the focus on the cool health features,” iFixit wrote.

iFixit gave the Apple Watch Series 6 the same overall repairability score as the Apple Watch Series 5 – a six out of 10.