Apple releases a new app on the Play Store and Android users are trolling in reviews

For some time now, as you know, too Apple has started publishing on the Play Store: to tell the truth, the Apple had so far only brought the famous app to Android devices Move to iOSregularly bombarded with negative votes by Android users who have not been lenient this time either.

The second Apple app on Play Store (it is, in particular, a companion app for the Beats Pill + Bluetooth speakers) it has in fact been literally demolished in the reviews by users, with an overwhelming majority of minimum votes.

In the comments we find the most diverse humanity, by whom openly curses Apple and any of its products to those who ironically complain thinking it was an app to download medicines, to those who claim to have been abused by Dr. Dre.

There is no lack of those who try to make everyone think, but in short, calming the waters is always difficult in such a situation. Find some other reviews in the following gallery.

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