Apple Music editorial content has its own thing Apple News Channel

In an effort to expand interviews, playlists, and other Apple Music related news, Apple has created a dedicated channel on the Apple News application.

Apple Music has been the home of many music-related interviews and announcements, but users should discover this on their own. The interviews would be contained in video or audio formats, and the content text rarely, if ever, existed. Now, Apple will offer Apple Music-specific News within a dedicated channel on its Apple News app.

Apple News users can search for “Apple Music” in the search tab and follow the new channel. It will host content related to artist interviews, weekly playlist selections, and more from Apple Music Radio Stations.

As you pointed out, the relationship appears to be one-way. The Apple Music Channel on Apple News links to albums and videos found in the Apple Music app, but Apple Music does not display any news content.

The new channel appears to be relatively new with only a handful of stories going back about a week. Apple may want to increase its available content before making an official announcement.

Apple has multiple streams of editorial content strewn across the web. The Apple Newsroom already has its own channel on Apple News, but Apple TV + ads are still stored on an Apple website. In addition, the App Store Today tab is the only way to view Apple publishers made about the content of the application. Hopefully the Apple Music channel is a sign that Apple wants to integrate more of its editorial content into Apple News.

Apple News is a free app that comes with every iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It aggregates news based on channels and topics a user follows, and also contains paid magazines and content behind the Apple News + subscription.