Apple may be developing its own VR headset


Apple appears to be heading headlong into the world of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets. According to a Bloomberg publication, the company is developing equipment that combines the two technologies, making it possible to use them both for games and for immersive video experiences and online conferences.

What is the difference between VR and AR?

Despite being easily confused, these two models have different functions. In the first case, “virtual reality” completely dominates the user’s view; that is, the external view is blocked and it is taken to the game or scenario currently in operation.

AR does not prevent vision, but enhances it with virtual details. The equipment is like glasses, relatively light and transparent. Augmented reality is already part of many applications, such as Pokemón Go – glasses are just one item to amplify the experience.

Plans and launch

Bloomberg sources say that Apple already has the technology necessary to launch the novelty, albeit partially, but that it postponed plans due to the launch of a new iPad Pro next year. It was also said that the company is working on software and application updates so that virtual and augmented reality equipment can work on some existing devices.

The forecast is that the headset will be launched between 2021 and 2022, in addition to a light version of AR glasses in 2023. This should put the iPhone owner as a direct competitor of brands like Sony and Valve, which have their own products. It is not yet possible to know which games should be considered for the experience.