Apple eats 94% of the profits of the mobile market: Samsung distant

While not the largest producer in the world, it is well known that Apple manages to total mind-boggling numbers: the latest data relating to profits obtained on the smartphone market only confirm this.

According to Canaccord, in the third quarter of 2015 Apple grabbed 94% of the market’s profitsdespite the Cupertino house having sold just 14.5% of the total smartphone (48 million).

Samsung, the largest producer in the world with a market share of 24.5% (81 million devices sold), instead stopped at 11% of total profits. The numbers exceed 100% because many producers have recorded negative figures: among these, Lenovo, HTC, Sony and Microsoftjudged unable to compete in the high-end segment (smartphone worth more than 400 Dollars).

Among the reasons for the success of Apple certainly the average selling price of its iPhones, equal to 670 Dollarsagainst the suns $ 180 for Samsung devices. Furthermore, although according to some analysts, Apple is about to begin the decline phase, Tim Cook has forecast even better numbers for the next quarters, due to the high demand for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus also by aspiring Android “switchers”.