Apple earned 92% of the smartphone market revenue during Q1 2015

In a latest market analysis brought to light by Wall Street Journalduring the first quarter of the year on ninety two% of the profits generated by the smartphone industry would go into the pockets of Applemanaging to total the 65% of the earnings of the entire sector.

While selling less than a fifth of all smartphones sold in the first quarter of 2015, the Cupertino giant has equally managed to consolidate the first place in terms of profits thanks to an average price of iPhone that comes to $ 695against the average of $ 185 of smartphones Android.

In second place we find Samsungwhich managed to get the 15% revenue from the smartphone market. All this leads to a number above 100% as some manufacturers have managed to go even negative.

Who knows if in the future the producers Android they will manage to put under the bitten apple.