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Angry Birds Space – Teaser Trailer

Angry Birds Space – Teaser Trailer

Who among you does not know the famous angry Birds? Video game created by Roviowhere the player through a giant slingshot has to throw poor birds at scaffolding that house funny pigs.

Today, Rovio has released a teaser trailer and has opened the official website of a new chapter of Angry Birds called Space, as you can see from the video and the photo above, this new game of the series will be set in space, most likely on the moon, where gravity is very different from planet earth.

The release of the game is set for March 22, 2012, unfortunately Rovio has not yet specified on which platforms it will be distributed. For those who don’t know, Angry Birds currently boasts numerous titles including: Seasons, Rio, classic, facebook edition, chrome edition and a version created in collaboration with a Californian pistachio company.

The aim of the game is always the same, to eliminate the pigs by throwing some poor birds with a giant slingshot. The game has been so successful that a tabletop version has also been made that you can find in the best toy stores, not to mention soft toys, action figures and so on.

Below we present the teaser trailer of Angry Birds Space: