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Android apps to age your digital photos

Android apps to age your digital photos

Current applications allow you to take advantage of all the possibilities of your phone’s camera. And that includes aging your photos.

Little can be said about digital photography that we have not already said. Today it is possible to apply all kinds of effects and changes to an image by pressing the button of a mobile app. And we can even change what a photograph will look like before doing it.

In the case of Android, applications that apply effects before and after are very popular. take a photo with your phone’s camera. Plus, they’re so easy to use that anyone can get spectacular images with little effort.

Below is a selection of specialized effects Android apps in obtaining images that seem made in the past. Applications to age your photographs before or after taking them so that look like vintage or retro photos.

Candy Film Mini

Polaroid cameras were very popular, but it seems that they are more so now. Applications like Candy Film Mini they imitate the style of those cameras that printed the photograph once it was made.

With this app it is possible to choose between several possible themes so that the images obtained look like the eighties. In addition, it offers limitations according to the original camera. For example, you can only take 10 photos a day.

Another peculiarity of Candy Film Mini is that to get the picture you will have to shake your phone. Just like it was done with the paper issued by the original Polaroid cameras.

Huji Cam

90s style photos. Even with the date retouched to look like it was taken in 1998. Huji Cam allows you to shoot analog style, with light spots and other effects that were once considered mistakes and are now a retro or vintage touch.

Among other things, you can change the format of the image and the spoofed date. Also, once you’ve taken the photo you can share it or download it to your device.

retro camera

Based on 12 cameras that actually existed, retro camera offers a dozen effects for you to your photos of today have a touch of yesterday.

To age your images you just have to choose the desired style, camera or effect and you will get an instant retro photo that you can save or share on social networks or with other apps.

Film effect, black and white, sepia, overexposure… Some of them will remind you of those you can find in Instagram.

Retro Filter

Another Android app to age your photos is Retro Filterpacked with vintage effects, over 30.

For the purposes we must add the light filters, more than 50, to alter how your freshly taken photo will look like with your Android. Retro Filter allows you to make changes to your images before and after to do it

With Retro Filter you will get images with a watermark of an old date, light spots and some color tones more typical of the Analogic photograph that of the quality that current cameras allow.