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Android 13 has a new PC-only taskbar

Android 13 has a new PC-only taskbar

After many years of neglect, Google has finally started paying attention to Android on big screen devices. The recent update of Android 12L added an updated taskbar and layout for tablets and folds and now Android 13 is building on that with new changes to the interface for Android running on desktop and laptop computers.

Android isn’t incredibly common on PC, outside of the built-in runtimes on Chrome OS and Windows, which usually hide most of the system design. But that doesn’t stop Google from adding some improvements to the PC experience on Android 13. The app’s taskbar, added in Android 12L, now has buttons on the right side for opening the notification panel and quick settings.

The new design is much closer to the design of Android 3.0 Honeycomb and some 4.x versions, with quick settings and notifications at the bottom of the screen. However, those older versions of Android didn’t show all your apps open on the taskbar. Furthermore, Android 13 on PC still has one status bar at the top of the screenwhere you can also access quick settings and notifications.