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Android 12 “Snow Cone” is finally here

Android 12 “Snow Cone” is finally here

Another year, another version of Android. Just yesterday, this year’s version is available which will be called Android 12 since Google has abandoned his naming scheme of dessert from 2 years ago.

But even if Android 12 will not officially have a sweet name, that it does not mean that Google has completely given up on giving its versions of the operating system a particular name. While last year’s version of Android 11 (Android “R”) was call internally “Red velvet cake”this year’s version of Android 12 (Android “S”) will be called “Snow Cone”.

A cool background to celebrate the launch of Android Snow Cone! 🍧 pic.twitter.com/J726PvPhVv

– Dave Burke (@davey_burke) October 4, 2021

Yesterday, the American giant announced the release of the Android 12 source code. The main news are the Material You, the new design of the green robot, notifications with a more useful style, the impediment of start other services in the backgrounda page entirely dedicated to the concessions of microphones and cameras and much more.