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Android 12… Google: if it’s **** I take it off

Android 12… Google: if it’s **** I take it off

Android 12 will it really be like this? These screenshots are making us dream. Come and discover all the news in our article.

Android 12 it should be released in its stable version by the end of the year. Before this hypothetical date, we expect to be able to get our hands on the Developer Preview. Meanwhile, an alleged draft of Android 12 appeared online yesterday. Some screenshots show the new user interface and other substantial changes. We cannot fully confirm the veracity of these shots. However, we expect the new version of the OS not to deviate much from this preview. Let’s analyze everything in detail

Interface & Privacy

Android 12 brings with it a restyle of the notification panel. Transparency is completely lost, in favor of an opaque background. Let’s imagine that the color of that background changes according to the theme (light or dark) chosen by the user. The separation between the chat section and the rest of the notifications remains. The rounded corners are also maintained, with a now more pronounced curvature.

Furthermore, we note that in the figure the notification curtain is not fully expanded. Now in this mode they come only 4 quick toggles are displayed (bigger) and no more 6. Time and Date pass to the left and there are more indications on the privacy top right.

The new settings on the privacy contain shortcuts to enable or disable access to camera, microphone and location.

In fact, it seems that Google has paid a lot of attention to the privacy issue. Android 12 will bring with it several news in this regard. In this new version of Android we will receive a notification in the status bar every time an app uses the camera or microphone. Tapping these icons in the status bar will display a pop-up at the top of the screen indicating exactly which apps are using the camera or microphone.

Google, we hope that all of your attention to privacy is real!

Widget: Android or iOS?

Okay, you are right, Google was the first to introduce widgets to Android. But how good are those from Apple? Wouldn’t it be nice to have more uniformity in widgets to reflect the new interface?

Apparently that’s what Big G wants to do. In these screenshots we can see an alleged new widget “Conversations”. This would highlight recent messages, missed calls or status. The widget shown appears to be small enough to contain a single message, a single call, or a single state.

It seems that Google is paying particular attention to these new widgets. So much so that they want to make them “mandatory”. Let’s face it: it would be useful to have a widget in the home that shows us everything about one of our contacts, perhaps a favorite.

We do not know how many and which of these innovations will really be introduced in Android 12. Nor do we know which of these will then be mandatory in all the variants and optimizations of this OS performed by the various smartphone manufacturers. At the moment Google has not officially commented on these screenshots.

Let us know what you think, stay tuned for possible developments.