Among Us makes a surprise entry on Nintendo Switch and it’s official

Among Us is one of the biggest hits of 2020, becoming a viral game overnight. Now, Innersloth’s has revealed a big surprise for all its fans, confirming the launch of the Nintendo Switch.

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THE Nintendo Switch continues to present itself as one of the most popular consoles today, ensuring surprising demand over time, thanks in large part to its great versatility.

Now, with the arrival of Among Us for the Switch, both the console and the game are likely to show great growth in demand.

On the one hand, game fans will be able to invest in the console to be able to play their favorite game. Similarly, players who already own the console may be tempted to try Among Us for the first time.

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Among Us has what it takes to be a huge hit on the Nintendo Switch

For the more distracted, Among Us is a game of social deduction, where players work together to complete various tasks and try to figure out which of their “companions” are imposters.

In turn, the impostors have the unique mission of managing, in the most discreet way possible, to kill as many players as possible.

Interestingly, this game has been available since 2018, having jumped into the spotlight this year. Your “explosion” has a very simple explanation.

After some of the most popular streamers on Twitch having streamed sessions of Among Us, in just a few hours, the game jumped to the top in popularity.

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The growth was so much that the studio responsible for its development decided to cancel the sequel that it had planned. Now, they focus exclusively on improving the gaming experience and adding new content.

Among Us’s pinnacle of popularity came recently when it received the award for best multiplayer game of the year at the 2020 Game Awards.

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via: The Verge

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