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Amazon Prime Day: Sandisk flash memories


Amazon Prime Day: Sandisk flash memories

A purchase that should never be missing during a sales campaign is that of flash memories. Here are several branded Sandisk.

Let’s start with the SD cards, which are particularly useful in case you find yourself with the internal memory of the phone almost full and therefore need to store all your multimedia and non-multimedia contents elsewhere.

The series Sandisk Ultra meets you with class 10 micro SD cards with transfer speeds up to 100MB / s.

Available capacities are 128GB a € 33.99 and 400 GB a € 119.99.

If, on the other hand, you need something with a little more umph, then you might want to consider gamma Sandisk Extreme.

This 64GB micro SD card is capable of reaching speed of 150 MB / s. In this case you will necessarily have to evaluate whether you need a particularly fast or large memory more, being the Extreme series more limited in terms of capacity.

The cost of the 64GB Sandisk Extreme micro SD is € 27.99.

Turning instead to the more common USB sticks, Sandisk has several solutions to offer you:

The most comfortable to use are certainly Ultra Fit And Ultra Dual M3.0having extremely small dimensions.

Special feature of Ultra Dual M3.0 is the presence of two USB connectors, one micro USB and one USB 3.0. In this way it can be used both as a normal external storage, as well as an OTG connector. The price is equal to € 26.49.

Ultra Fit on the other hand is a common 128GB USB 3.1 thumb drive and is currently for sale at € 38.99.

Sandisk Extreme Go And Ultra Dual they measure about the same as standard USB sticks and can be thought of as bulkier versions of Ultra Fit and Ultra Dual M3.0.

Ultra Dual has a capacity of 128GB and costs € 39.99.

Extreme Go has 64 GB of capacity and the cost is currently equal to € 32.99.