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Amazon Prime Day: Mouse Corsair

Amazon Prime Day: Mouse Corsair

Do you want a gaming mouse? Corsair he even offers you four during theAmazon Prime Day ! Let’s quickly see what are the best uses for each of these.

Let’s start from Corsair Saber, the simplest and cheapest mouse of the selection. The Saber sensor achieves a maximum DPI of 10,000 and is equipped with a thumb rest.

The switches have a guaranteed longevity of 20 million clicks, there are 8 programmable keys and the cable covered in woven fabric is 1.8 meters long.

This mouse weighs only 100 grams and is suitable for any situation. The manufacturer recommends the use of palm grip or claw gripas ergonomics was designed with these two shapes in mind.

Corsair Saber is currently on sale at € 39.99.

The Corsair M65 PRO it is instead aimed at FPS players, as you can guess from the presence of the sniper button on the thumb rest.

The sensor reaches 12,000 DPI and it is possible to calibrate it according to the surface used, so as to increase its precision and reactivity.

There is also a system of weight managementespecially useful for players who have a specific preference in this regard.

The switches are the same as the Saber, approved for 20 million clicks.

Corsair M65 PRO costs € 47.99.

If you have recently begun to delve into the MMORPG genre you have probably realized that it is quite difficult to manage so many skills with just the keyboard.

The Corsair Scimitar PRO it is the solution you need and that you may not yet know you want.

Thanks to 12 mechanical side keys you will suddenly find yourself with enough additional keys regardless of the game you choose.

The strong point compared to similar mice from the competition is the ability to adjust the position of the side macro keys so that you can reach them all comfortably, regardless of the size of your hand.

Corsair Scimitar PRO is for sale at € 62.99.

Finally there is the Corsair Glaivea more customizable mouse thanks to the different thumb grips, which can be easily changed in seconds.

We can consider it a bigger and more evil version of the Saber, being suitable for more or less any context.

The sensor has been upgraded up to 16,000 DPI, as have Omron mechanical switches which are now warranted up to 50 million clicks.

The Corsair Glaive is currently being sold at € 79.