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Amazon Prime Day: Fitness Tracker

Amazon Prime Day: Fitness Tracker

THE fitness tracker they are tools that can help improve the lifestyle of users and common wearables associated with smartphones so a section dedicated to them could not be missing.

Fortunately for your pocket in this article we will see almost exclusively cheap products (read the one on smartwatches if you have a lot of money to spend!).

Let’s assume that in this price range the devices they are all very similar and that the biggest differences lie in trust in a respective brand and aesthetics.Let’s start with Willful fitness tracker, a rather standard device with a particularity that makes it attractive compared to the competition: it is equipped with a heart rate sensor always active.

Despite this, autonomy is still estimated between 3 and 5 days of use. It also supports features such as sleep monitoring, vibration on arrival of notifications and remote control of camera and music playback.

The sale price was discounted to € 20.99.

ANEKEN fitness tracker is capable of doing roughly the same things as competitor Willful, however this one comes with a battery with autonomy declared equal to 7 days.

The cost is 21.69 € and black, blue and purple straps are available.

We then find two Mpow branded products almost equal to each other in terms of functionality and, even in this case, the purchase choice falls on the type of preferred design.

For the sake of clarity we assign nicknames Mpow Fit to the first ed Mpow Watch per second, in the absence of precise denominations.

Mpow Fit is a fitness tracker loosely inspired by Fitbit products while Mpow Watch has a wider but also thinner body.

As for the technical characteristics, the main difference concerns the battery: Fit has an autonomy of 5-10 days while Watch can go up to 10-15both in standby.

The respective selling prices of Fit and Watch are € 20.29 And € 21.69.