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Amazon Prime Day: Corsair keyboards

Amazon Prime Day: Corsair keyboards

We continue the overview of the marked peripherals Corsair at a discount thanks toAmazon Prime Day with three gaming keyboards.

The keyboard Corsair K63 it is among the best-selling on Amazon thanks to its very low price.

Although it is clear that cuts have been made here and there on the features, the most important one has remained: the mechanical keys Cherry MX Red.

These keys are a favorite of gamers due to their unique feel when pressed. The layout is Italian and the numeric keypad is missing.

Corsair K63 is for sale at € 67.99.

There Corsair K70 Rapidfire it is very similar to the K63, the main difference is the type of switches used: Cherry MX Speed.

These keys are essentially MX Reds with a shorter actuation distance, so you can press the keys faster.

In addition, the layout includes the numeric keypad on the side.

Corsair K70 Rapidfire currently costs € 99.99.

Let’s end with the keyboard Corsair K95 Platinuman upgrade of the K70 with all the necessary options.

The switches are the same, Cherry MX Speed, however the backlight is RGB instead of fixed and can be customized using the dedicated software.

They are also included six macro keys sides and a wrist rest.

Corsair K95 Platinum is for sale at € 147.99.