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Amazon Prime Day 2021 here are the official dates

Amazon Prime Day 2021 here are the official dates

The Prime Day 2021 editiontwo days of shopping dedicated to Amazon Prime subscribers, will begin at midnight on 21 June and will last until 22 June.

Amazon promises a million offers, but in a delicate period like this, a series of specific initiatives have also been planned to advertise the products managed directly by Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. Some initiatives, pushed with the fund created specifically for SMEs, will start in the next few days: starting from Monday 7 June until Sunday 20 June, for example, customers who will spend € 10 on products and brands of small and medium-sized enterprises on Amazon .it will receive a promotional voucher of € 10 to be used on Prime Day. The items from the Amazon Made in Italy, Handmade and Launchpad windows are included,

This offer is also joined by other offers starting today: Prime customers who have not yet tried Amazon Music Unlimited they can have four months of free use with unlimited access to over 70 million songs, while those who are trying Audible and will confirm their subscription will receive an Amazon.co.uk gift voucher worth € 15 and 20% discount on the Audible subscription for the first 12 months. Discounts ranging from 10 to 20% have already been added to many categories.

You can also unsubscribe immediately after activation so that you don’t think about it anymore

To keep up to date Amazon recommends Alexa as always: those who have a smart speaker at home will be able to set a reminder for the day of the event, and on 21 and 22 June saying “Alexa, what are my Prime Day offers?”, they will receive a report of the best offers designed specifically for him.