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Alternative consoles for playing retro games

Alternative consoles for playing retro games

The world of videogames is constantly changing, both due to the normal evolution of the sector and the influences of other sectors. The most evident one comes from smartphones and tablets, devices now owned by everyone that have created many problems for portable consoles.

Proposing a new portable console today would be very difficult given the competition from smartphones and all the games available on the various digital stores. At the same time, however, portable video games have become almost the norm, so even if they are often games, the concept of portability or “play anywhere” is becoming increasingly important.
The demonstration comes from Nintendo Switch, the new Nintendo console that combines a classic home console with a portable console to always have with you.
But what does the future of videogames hold for us? Undoubtedly a lot of fun, but to spend hours having fun it is not necessary to look ahead; also retro style videogame they can give you a lot of satisfaction.

However, video games of this type are not only those that can be recovered with some emulator or by exhuming the old GameBoy, the NES or some other antique console.
The DottorGadget site has a category of Technological Gadgets very interesting among which some goodies for retro-gamers stand out. These are alternative consoles to enjoy healthy fun based on old school video games.

The proposals he has are 3, each designed to satisfy a different target with a console made to measure for him.
Let’s start with the Mini Console in 8-bit, a console contained in a tiny controller to connect directly to the TV with an RCA cable. The console is tiny but full of fun, in fact it includes everything you need to play, from the simple software that manages the games to the library with 200 8-bit games to be discovered.
The second proposal is for those looking for a portable console to always keep in their pocket and that does not require a TV or a screen to play. And the Retro Arcade Handheld Mini Console, a small videludic jewel that has a design that pays homage to the legendary Game & Watch of the early 80s produced by Nintendo. The color LCD screen is 1.8 “and has over 100 8-bit games installed. Impressive for a tiny pocket console.

The third proposal is for the nostalgic of arcades, in fact the Mini Arcade Machine is a portable console disguised inside a small arcade cabinet. But the dimensions are not the only difference, with the Mini Arcade Machine you don’t have a single game to play but you can choose from the 200 pre-installed titles. Also with this model the games are no longer in 8-bit but in 16-bit.

As you can see, there are not only smartphones or the usual consoles to play and have fun with video games. These 3 portable consoles proposed by dottorgadget.it they are a nice alternative to have fun and discover many curious games without spending frightening amounts.