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Alan Willer: “Unreal Engine 4 will not be used for latest generation smartphones”


Alan Willer: “Unreal Engine 4 will not be used for latest generation smartphones”

Definitely the name of Alan Willer it will not suggest anything to many users since it has never been placed side by side with ours android world. Willer is one of the many components of the famous Epic Games team, perhaps the one with the most experience in gaming sector, and during a long interview in which he presented and underlined the power ofUnreal Engine 4 stated that it will probably not be used (soon) for latest generation Android smartphone.

Unreal Engine 4, the engine of the next generation of consoles, which should come from the next 2013,it will not be used in current smartphones, those of the latest generation with quad-core processors and 1/2 GB of RAM.

It is not excluded that UE4 it will not be used in the future for the mobile gaming of our smartphones but will not be joined to the mobile sector until the hardware compartment it will not be adequate.

The main problem could be exclusively the hardware incompatibility but at least for now we could be content with what the predecessor has to offer. We will not be disappointed byUnreal Engine 3, which still has a lot to offer for the mobile gaming according to Willer:

“I am sure that the world of mobile gaming will soon be recognized as one of the most important markets, but currently Unreal Engine 4 needs a certain level of minimum requirements that the current generation of smartphones does not have. Furthermore, Unreal Engine 3 still has a lot to offer and its resources will probably be used for quite a while. “

This news will not only concern Android but also other mobile operating systems like iOS, Windows, etc. The only solution to this problem will be patience. Only time and progress will be able to provide developers with the necessary material to be able to offer new and high levels of graphics and better performance for the videogames of our Android smartphones and tablets.

As well as for Unreal Engine 3, we will have to wait for the new generation to arrive earlier on PC and consoles, for the technology of our mobile devices to evolve in order to provide a hardware compartment compatible and also that the operating system is improved and optimized.