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Agencies to manage the digital identity and social networks of the dead

Agencies to manage the digital identity and social networks of the dead

Digitization is generating so called 2.0 jobs. ‘Back Up Your Life’ is an American company that manages the digital identity of deceased people. The user provides their data to the company so that, after their death, their relatives have access to their passwords, accounts and subscriptions.

Jobs 2.0 are born thanks to the new digital age. Technological advances and digital transformation are completely changing the labor landscape. Digitization has generated new business models and has made the traditional worker have to evolve into the so called digital employee. There is no doubt, the Internet and the Digital environment They will lead the so called fourth industrial revolution.

In this context of change, we have seen how the so called 2.0 jobs have emerged. Jobs that had never been imagined before, and that, today, are already a reality. A perfect example to explain all this is the article of the MIT Technology Review which tells us the story of Annette Adamska. She is a young North American who founded ‘Back Up Your Life’a manager of digital identity of deceased people.

Manage two different deaths: real and digital

What happens to the Facebook of a person who has died? Does the Amazon Premium account continue to be charged? How can you remove their profiles? This is what Annette faced Adamska when his mother passed away a few years ago. A serious accident had ended her real life, but not his digital life.

“What if you have subscriptions? If they receive a weekly box of food through a automated servicethey run the risk of continuing to receive it even after their death,” Adamska noted in her interview with MIT Technology Review.

Annette had found that, after the death of her mother, she did not know how she could close all the profiles of his mother on the Internet. She didn’t even know how many she had. She hadn’t kept the passwords in a diary, and had no way of deleting her email account. “Do you really want your loved ones to receive an email with a birthday congratulation auto signed by you after you died?” Adamska commented.

Make passwords easy for family members

After her personal experience, Annette Adamska did not want someone else to go through that ordeal. This is how ‘Back Up Your Life’ was born, a company that will manage thedigital life of people who die. Its services are used so that the relatives of the deceased can access their accounts in social mediaonline subscriptions and storage of passwords.

Most ‘Back Up Your Life’ clients have between 30 and 40 years. They trust Annette’s company so that, the day they are missing, the company can provide the data to their relatives. “Ultimately, I do what I do because I don’t want anyone to do what I had to do,” she told the MIT Technology Review.