According to Microsoft, Sony has done a ‘fantastic job’ in the current generation

In the early days of the relationship between Microsoft and Sony, both companies chose words well to speak about each other, or as in the vast majority of times, left their lines implied. Today, times are different and, apparently, the public relations sector of companies does not spare praise for the competitor.

In a recent interview with MCV, Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Games Studios, said that Sony has done an excellent job in this generation and that it usually avoids “face-to-face” situations with the competitor, implying that the ideal is to keep the console war just inside the meeting room.

“They have done a fantastic job in general terms, in terms of building a solid relationship with their audience, selling consoles and, obviously, with several incredible games that came out of their primary teams,” he said in the interview. “I try to stay away from framing things as a face-to-face fight with them,” he concluded.

Still according to Booty, instead of promoting some type of competition with the competitor, they would be totally focused on their own goals, looking for better options to meet the needs of their community.

This speech flexibility that both companies have with each other, only shows the maturing of the game market in the world. It is also worth mentioning another interview by the boss of Games Studios, where he explains the absence of exclusives in Series X for a while.