A new ultra-fast camera is able to capture electrical impulses between neurons

Thanks to the use of high-speed cameras (much more than normal), it is possible to capture how neurons communicate with each other through electrical impulses

Digital photography lost a few things in the transition from analog, but the advance in speed is a huge advantage. Now we can, even at home, record videos in super slow motion as if it were a film camera. But research is always ahead and its uses of technology reach far beyond imagination. Thus, one of the fastest cameras in the world can capture and reflect how neurons communicate through electrical impulses.

In order to learn more about how the brain works, researchers have used a new type of ultra-fast photography called Compressed Ultra-fast Photography (CUP), which captures a picosecond laser pulse moving, or what is the same, surpass the previous leading technology, which was capable of taking 100 billion frames per second. With the CUP technique, it is possible to improve the resolution 2.4 times, which together with its speed, offers far superior results in sharpness.

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After starting with the previous technology, the streak camera, to see how the pulse of light varied over time, they added a standard digital camera to help reconstruct the images in terms of resolution, contrast and cleanliness of background detail. . So they got Capture images of laser pulses in the air every picosecond. The good thing is that this type of technology can be applied to microscopes and telescopes, according to those responsible for the research, with which its application to astronomy and other sciences could be a fact.

It allows observing neurons in the sense that they are move at 100 meters per second, a very high speed for traditional systems but manageable by yours. In this way they will be able to study, later, the neural connections and the rest of the brain, without losing sight of other areas, such as the efficiency of the combustion of gasoline.

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