A false window brings you the light of the tropics or Norway

The Italia company CoeLux has created a false window that, thanks to nanoparticles, reproduces the light of the Mediterranean, the tropics or Scandinavia.

Anyone who has lived or lives in countries where sunlight is scarce, such as the countries of Central and Northern Europe, values ​​the clarity of the days and the blue of the sky. The therapeutic effects of sunlight and its influence on people’s spirits is beyond question at this point. However, this is not a medical treatment that can be applied anywhere. That is why the Italian company CoeLux has created a false window that generates artificial light, illuminating the room as if there were not even a cloud in the sky.

The idea of ​​CoeLux is that anyone can enjoy full sunlight in their home or office, without it being veiled by clouds. The false window created by the company is placed in a room as if it were a window like any other. From there he deploys his nanoparticle technology to simulate sunlight, thanks to a complex optics that mimics solar refraction.

A system of LED lights that covers the entire possible optical spectrum is deployed behind a blue panel, so that the light emission creates a natural effect, like the one we receive when the sun’s own rays travel through the atmosphere. The effect of CoeLux is intended to create a more pleasant atmosphere in a closed or dimly lit room. And for this purpose it offers three options.

The product of the Italian company has three versions. The first of them simulates the light of the tropics and for this the light emission has an angle of 60 degrees. Another version has a 45 degree tilt angle, mimicking the mediterranean light, while you can also choose the clarity of the Nordic countries, where the angle is 30 degrees.

The creators of the false window believe that it can serve to offer a more natural and healthy environment in public facilities, from shopping malls to gyms passing through offices, hotels or museums. Another of the most feasible applications for CoeLux technology is underground public sites, such as the subway or parking lots with several levels underground.