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6 ways to improve your WiFi connection

6 ways to improve your WiFi connection

Although it often seems impossible, there are ways to improve the WiFi connection, either with homemade solutions or by investing in some infrastructure.

How annoying it is to move the computer to a new room in the house to suddenly find that “WiFi is not working well for it”. And many times it is as simple as better locating the router or make some uncomplicated adjustments. For those who have ever been desperate due to a poor range of their wireless network or for those who are prone to a crisis if they come across a problem of this type, here are a series of tips to improve the WiFi connection .

Better locate the router

Sometimes the router is not in the best position to transmit its signal. A room at the end of the house or the bottom of a bookcase is not the best place. The device must be located in a central location, from which it can offer a seamless connection to all the spaces that require it. If necessary, you can buy an Ethernet cable that allows you to place it in the best location.

Place a second router

Another option to improve the WiFi connection is to establish a second router as another access point, which in practice will act as a signal repeater. For this it is necessary to connect the two LAN ports of the devices. The newest devices even come prepared to serve as access points. Once inside your configuration it is as simple as clicking on one of the options. For older models you have to stain your hands more. The IP address should vary slightly from router to router, make sure the SSID and security are the same on both. Lastly, on the second device the DHCP network protocol must be turned off.

Invest in infrastructure

Many new router models come with built in antennas, but there are others that still have external ones. It can of course be swapped out for a longer range one, which should provide a significant improvement. It’s also possible to purchase a repeater (this often works better than leveraging a second router), though these devices aren’t always easy to configure to fit your network. Finally, in the investment section, there is always the possibility of buying a new router, with more power and greater range.

There are companies like Movistar that are constantly reinventing themselves to offer the best infrastructure to its customers. Within its range of devices, the Smart WiFi Router, the Smart WiFi Amplifier and even applications with which you can control the devices that you have connected to the router from your mobile or from your Movistar television stand out.

a homemade solution

If what we want is not to spend a penny, there are other ways to improve the WiFi connection, let’s say at home. Does anyone know how to create a television antenna with aluminum foil? Well basically it’s the same. This material, as well as other metals, amplify the signal. It can be placed behind the router antenna as a screen (oriented as needed), creating a system similar to that used by satellite dishes. Some have even proven the effectiveness of soda cans for this purpose.

Change the Wi Fi channel

Routers generally work on channels 1, 6 or 11. If ours is on a saturated channel, the performance will improve by changing it to another. This information can be found with the free inSSIDer tool, which is full of data, but you just have to look at the ‘channel’ parameter. Later you have to enter the router configuration to change the channel.

update firmware

Routers are also software based devices, but software is not always given the attention it deserves, as it is on smartphones or computers. Routers intended for companies usually notify of firmware updates, but those that end up in homes do not always do so (especially the old ones). Updates can be searched on the manufacturer’s website, downloaded and then installed from the router interface.

But not only routers can increase their performance if their firmware is updated. The same goes for network adapters or antennas built into devices. You have to check in the network settings if the latest update from the manufacturer is installed.

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